Wednesday April 4, 2012 Day Three – Poetic Asides / We Write Poems – NaPoWriMe #04

You Say, “I’m Sorry for Everything”

How am I supposed to know —

What I need

Is for you to state

What happened

That you understand how hurtful

Were your actions

Clean up this dirty room

Your generalities

Fly out the window

Like a bunch of crows

So go your way

I’ve told you how to lighten your burden

I can do no more for you


We Write Poems  NaPoWriMe #04


I raise three fingers

Like fat sausages

And I count

Letting my breath in and out




Three are missing

Hiding as in a child’s game

Have not been created

Nor have we made love

In as long as I remember

And yet today is number four

Best when choices are limited

Too many choices confuse

Like the swan

That chooses a duck for a partner

I choose poetry