As an artist, I go to work each day, and if asked, I would gladly tuck the work under the bed, out of sight, but long ago in art school I was told it is important that the artist share her work, for we might give other inspiration.  But like everyone else, I find rejection a bit hard.

Art Competition
Turn on computer
Read the email
Like a slap
Or a door slammed
In the face

Don’t like it
Don’t want it
Not chosen
Not good enough
Doesn’t please
And yet…

I have done my part
Over years
Created the work
Entred on time
Paid my fee

My ears sting
Still waiting
For your smile
Take a breath
Sun shines
Wind chimes tinkle
In the breeze

Scrape myself
Off the floor
Begin again

7 thoughts on “Friday March 23, 2012 The life of an artist

  1. Oh Annell, how harsh, that your beautiful images were not seen and appreciated – maybe by THAT person or gallery – but seen and appreciated by all of US! I so admire how you keep on working at your art and putting in the time. Keep at it. I love the last line: Begin again.

    In the end, we create more for ourselves, because we must, than for the judgment of others. I love the blogging world, because it is a supportive and encouraging community. WE love your work!!!!!!

  2. Rejection is so matter the arena..and yet I am glad you share your writing and your art with’s cheesy but don’t they say as one door closes another one opens..or maybe a window is better..than you can sneak a peak at the person about to ring the bell and YOU decide whether to accept them into your work or not..Jae (ps hugs)

  3. I know exactly what you mean, Annell. As a writer and an artist, I am finally learning to do it, be true to it and worry less about what the world thinks. Some days I master this. Some days I don’t.
    By the way, I am spending the week in Santa Fe. First time in New Mexico and I am loving it! The energy and the people are inspiring.

  4. I understand completely dear one. You lay your wide open heart on the line every time. I’m experiencing the same with my writing. It’s all an expression of love, so when you think about it – how can it ever not be good enough? It is only a matter of whether or not it’s commercially viable in addition to being beautiful.

    1. I guess I just wanted to let you know, that ‘moment’ is deadly. But we continue, by whatever method we can, perhaps it is because what we have to say is authentic, and from the heart, as you say. I wanted the ones who read it, to know that we all experience it, and we are not alone. Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

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