Friday March 23, 2012 The life of an artist

As an artist, I go to work each day, and if asked, I would gladly tuck the work under the bed, out of sight, but long ago in art school I was told it is important that the artist share her work, for we might give other inspiration.  But like everyone else, I find rejection a bit hard.

Art Competition
Turn on computer
Read the email
Like a slap
Or a door slammed
In the face

Don’t like it
Don’t want it
Not chosen
Not good enough
Doesn’t please
And yet…

I have done my part
Over years
Created the work
Entred on time
Paid my fee

My ears sting
Still waiting
For your smile
Take a breath
Sun shines
Wind chimes tinkle
In the breeze

Scrape myself
Off the floor
Begin again