The art is created

The visual statement is clear

Time to show the work

What to say

What will the viewer see

What will he think

Perhaps it is best

To just let the work

Speak for itself

Note:  The wind has blown hard all day.  It whistles to me in the studio.  I had an appointment this afternoon to meet with a director of a museum… always hard for the artist.  The meeting went well, and I am prepared for the next step, which will be to sent a packet to be seen and judged by the committee for a spot in the schedule.  Wish me well!

9 thoughts on “Tuesday 20, 2012 dVerse

  1. i think as artists once we create we give up that art to the viewer to do with as they will…we never know how it will strike them…and that is not a bad thing…they may help us see a bit of magic we missed in creating it…best wishes annell…

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