Monarch Butterflies migrating to Mexico

Sunday Whirl Wordle #47

A Day Like Any Other Day

Or so it seemed

No accident

All was deliberate

The day was intently charged

Even the pouring of the libation

There was to be a sacrifice

We gathered to settle

Still there was confusion

In a clear voice 

The question asked

There would be no trouble between us

toll was charged

We each would pay

Handle our grief alone

Our sorrow could be felt on Mars

Each was intent on the needs of my Mother

When the last breath was taken

We became as robots

We were ready

Each task was completed as planned

Then we parted

We took our grief home

In the days that followed

There would be plenty of time to sort the loss

Note: It was November 14th, 2011, in Texas, the day I arrived.  I took the picture of the butterflies on the loquot tree in my Mother’s front yard.  My Mother was dying, I saw the butterflies getting the last of the necture before their journey, they still had a long way to go, and so did we.  My family gathered, and long we had spoken of the way we only used polite conversation, the difficulty we seemed to have with the “truth.”  That was all gone, at last we could be honest with each other.  It seemed each one there, was blessed and more beautiful that ever before.

21 thoughts on “March 10, 2012 Sunday Whirl Wordle #47

  1. What a loving, beautiful and inspiring passage you and your family have made through this experience, Annell. Truly, you are a wonder – such grace and dignity. I love that, as you accompanied your mother through this passage, your family was able to talk about what was real.

    1. Yes,, if anything will do it, “death is the ticket”, when it comes to” get real.” Interesting, as we step into the “light” all is beautiful! Thank you Sherry for your comment.

      Hope you are feeling OK today. Hope today will be easy, not too much to do. Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

  2. Dear Annell,
    I was overwhelmed with your poem today and the words following the poem. Why is it so difficult to ‘speak the truth’ among family members? Glad you were finally able to.

  3. I am so sorry about your mother, annell, but remember from when my father died, how comforting being able to write about it was for me. Amazing how well the wordle words work. I particularly like the last three lines, what they express and how you express them.

    I hope you are having a quiet weekend.


      1. Hmmm. I answered your question, at least I thought I did, but I’ll answer here to make sure: When I began writing wordles I used the words in whatever form, but learned that for the real challenge, the words should be used exactly as they come. I balked at first, but now find it great fun to use them unaltered. However, more important is that you have fun, so it depends, in the end, on that.

  4. When death comes, one can only speak the truth. Death allows nothing less. It is nice that you were all together and experienced this. Your mother would have been / must have been pleased.

  5. To find colour and life after such a loss is admirable..being able to speak the truth seems like a certain peace and order..perhaps which the gravity of ceremony cannot enable..Jae

  6. My father passed more than 10 years now. I can see us all there still, trying to talk and support each other in his last days and hours. I too wrote for him and read to him – though I knew he could not reply. May all your memories of your mother be for blessings.

  7. What a wonderful blessing to be able to speak the truth. I hope all your memories of your mother are pleasant. I found after my father passed I dwelt on the fond memories when there were plenty of unpleasant memories I could have recalled. He passed suddenly and took a lot of the truth with him.

  8. Your paragraph explaining the circumstances surrounding this poem are both poignant and powerful. May the memories (and photo) of the butterflies sustain you as you continue your journey through loss and grief.

    Six-Word Whirl

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