Spring Time in Taos

Happy Birthday Spring

Some came reciting their verses
Learned in Sunday school
Others came in search
Of silent, secret, invisible words
To tell a new story
A new life
In a new world

Sir Robin Redbreast
Flew to the window
Wants to come in
Feathers glistened in the
Waning afternoon sunlight

Shadows lengthened
Tops of dark green pine trees
Still loaded with rich red cones
Snow in ragged patterns
Snuggle at the base of chimisa
Sounds of music muffled low
Announces season’s change
New beginning, birth, renewal
We give life another go

4 thoughts on “March 6, 2012

  1. So beautiful, and hopeful….the photo is glorious, too. The sun is out here today and WHAT a difference it makes to the spirit after the long gray winter. Lovely, Annell!!!!!

  2. Lovely words and photo. Now i do long for Spring (even tho’ we haven’t had much of a winter here, and I fear the season is not done with us)…

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