Early Morning Encounter

Still coatless I pull on woolly socks

As the early mornng shadow chills my spine

The white snow transforms the landscape

From my kitchen window

I see you rise up from

Your bed of twigs

To meet this cold morn

Your daughter is with you

The fullness of your coat

Keeps you unaware

Of the icy flakes

That settle on your back

You have returned

After many days

I will not admonish you

But prefer your presence

Between my teeth

And along my tongue

I taste the metal of your absence

15 thoughts on “Saturday March 3, 2011 Wordle

  1. It is always wonderful when something or someone that has been absent returns. Beautifully wordled Annell, and I love the picture.

  2. There is a mother to be found in the harshest of mornings..fearless of the cold..piercing ..snow..she helps you into woolly socks..and keeps you warm..of that I am sure..Jae

  3. I like this very much Annell. A spectacular photo of the wolf too–did you take it? How lucky you are to see a wolf from your kitchen window!! Wonderful description.

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