Sunday Wordle #45

I spread the map before me

Search for answers

My mind strays

Reluctant to stay on course

Senses hear the murmur

From the cemented crypt

Entranced by the sound

I move through the dense smoke

You are there

You smile

Your pelt glistens

Meetings with the dead

Can be cumbersome

12 thoughts on “February 26, 2012 Sunday Wordle

  1. Annell, it did have a mysterious start. I was, at first, thinking of an Indiana Jones type character, and then the ending was so different. A pleasant surprise. I love “your pelt glistens”.


  2. The first few lines had me expecting something entirely different from where the poem ended; I thought we were going to be talking about difficulties with staying on task or something similar. Projecting my own challenges onto the poem, I guess. 😉 Great use of the wordle and good job taking us in an unpredictable direction.

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