That “Still” Place

I am in that “still” place…

Even the wind doesn’t blow

No movement in the sage

Coyolte hasn’t been by

Fox sleeps in his den

Quail is somehere else

The branches are bare

Where the Ravens

Usually hang


Beau sleeps in the sun

I am painting

It is “visual poetry”

No words form

In my mind

Or on my lips

Sand is running

Through the hour glass

Crashing to the floor

In slow motion

So quickly

The sun sinks

Into spectacular color

The day isn’t long enough

I look up and even

You are not there

*note:  This is an attempt to explain “where” I am.

3 thoughts on “Saturday 25 2012 That “Still” Place

  1. where the ravens hang upside down…nice…the sand rushing through the hour glass crashing to the floor as well…is def visual and a great metaphor as well…good to see you annell…smiles..i hope you are well

  2. The storytelling feel to this and the specific details puts me there, as if watching the scene unfold, so I was startled by the last two lines, which I also like very much, as they leave possibilities as to whether this is a good thing, or not.

  3. Oh this is so beautiful, and quite poignant. I am sort of in the same place, running in place trying to “catch up” which is, apparently impossible. I love all of the references to animals – I so love critters – and then the spectacular color in the sky……wowzers…….I love that “still” place. Your sunsets are spectacular.

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