February 15, 2011 A Broken Heart

The Broken Heart

The first tiny crack appeared

Quietly behind the door

My head snapped in the direction

I’m not sure of the cause

In the beginning it was so small

Could only be seen when held to the light

And even tracing your fingernail

Could not be felt

It was more like a small stone

In your shoe

Like a crack in the mirror

It distorted the image

A crack in the cup

Prevents it from holding the tea

A crack in the boat

No longer floats

A crack in the sidewalk

When stepped on

Will break your Mother’s back

Over time the crack grew larger

The surface was crazed

The burden too heavy to carry

I take a deep breath

Imagine the cracks fall away

In the light of the shining sun

My heart seems whole

*I began thinking about the heart… the heart of any human.  Can we remember the first break.  Did it happen one night, we were not aware… something happened somewhere else.  And over time through loss and disappointment, more cracks happened.  And I wanted to think about the cracks and what they do, “distort the image.”  But when all is said and done, we look out and the sun is shinning, everything is so beautiful… the cracks seem to fall away.  All is whole again.