Margo Roby Prompt:  “The things you don’t say.”

Got nothing

Bite my tongue

Ain’t talking

Been here before

Learned my lesson

Keep it to myself

Blue berry pie

All over my face

Says it all

Clouds roll in

A new day begins


Note*  In a commercial, the Reverent Al Sharpton speaks of the children that come home from school, and find the blueberry pie left by their Moms who are away at work.  The children eat the pie and get blueberry pie all over their face.  I think I am saying we are transparent and everyone can read what is all over our face.

8 thoughts on “January 19, 2012 Word Gathering

  1. The things you don’t say seem to be the things you really need to berry favourite line..stands out like an important word unspoken..glowing..Jae x

    1. Dearest Jae

      Very busy… have had so much to do. Got a new fridge yesterday… that has been a hassle.

      I was talking about the Reverent Al Shapton, who has an ad out right now… he talks about the blueberry pie on the kids face, when their Mother’s return home after work. You probably don’t get to see that on your TV?

      I hope you are doing well! Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

  2. I haven’t seen the ad, Annell. but then again i don’t pay much attention to Reverend Al. I should do Margo’s prompt. It truly IS a good one.

  3. I have loved all the different responses and I like how your speaker tells a story, in your take on this prompt. The short lines and abrupt manner suit the things s/he doesn’t say.


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