Mag 98

A perfect world reflected

As in a mirror clear

Silent river without breath

Echoes the falling mist

Envelopes the origin

“Grains of pink sand between my fingers”

A play ground for all that is wild

Dreams of big foot

And other mysteries

*”I Shall Come Back” Hilda Conkling (age ten), 1922

26 thoughts on “January 2, 2012 Mag 98

  1. Okay, well that explains it. I am so daft! (sound of me slapping myself upside the head:)) Your poem is incredibly beautiful and serene. I especially love “silent river without breath” and “a playground for all that is wild”. Beautiful, Annell. And I loved Hilda’s poem too!

  2. I’ve seen a poem by Hilda Conkling (am not certain it was this one)–she was amazing for one so young. Elegant take on this most elegant prompt. Thank you. Happy New Year!

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