December 31, 2011 Sunday Whirl

Sunday Whirl

Words: loss, shovel, friends, expected, stop, plum, letters, drift, sweaters, wind, stitches, yam

The Quilt Made by Hand
The Drunker’s Path
The Flower Garden
The Log Cabin

With careful stitches
The needle pierces the fabric of the day
Then reappears
The thread drawn taught
Binding events of one’s life
All that is expected and unexpected

She dreams of her garden
In that garden is the prize
The yam, yellow orange
Sweet to taste
Palm Leaf
Aunt Sukey’s Patch
Corn and Beans

Stop check the stitch
The Bethlehem Star
The Lone Star
The Spider Web

As the quilter stitches
Friends appear
Waltz  across her work
She calls to them
Writes letters in her stitches

The wind knocks at her door
Wants to come in
And it is this wind
For which she creates the quilt
Protecting all who use it

Job’s Trouble
Job’s Tears
Joseph’s Coat

She works with bits of fabric
Bright colors whirl around her
Yellow, plum, robin’s egg blue

She dreams of
The Ship’s Wheel
The Dusty Miller

As she works
She tells stories
Of days gone bye
Loss and sorrow
Spider Web
Eight Hands Around
Ocean Wave

Her mind drifts
To a day
Of blowing snow
Sweaters pulled close
Days pass
Rescue comes in the form of shovels

Snow on the Mountain
Snow Star
Snow Angel

Note:  In the days before Christmas, my nephew and his family were trapped in their car for almost two days, while traveling to ski in New Mexico.  They experienced a Christmas miracle when they were rescued from their cold tomb under four feet of snow.  We are very grateful!

*Now this is funny…   I missed took the word “yarn”, for “yam”, and found it was so hard to include “yam”… so I shall leave it this way.