Aubade,  love song about the parting of lovers at dawn


What is it we love

Who can say

When we love everything

As far as the eye can see

Even to the far side of the world

And yet you chose to leave

That morning

In no way different than

Any other morning

And yet

Your leaving

Made that morning

The darkest ever

And so from that moment on

I search for you

I long for you

I remember your kiss

Against my will

I was forced to say

Goodbye that last time

16 thoughts on “December 22, 2011 Aubade

  1. Often first loves aren’t true. Some loves leave us blue. We are lucky to read verse by you. Didn’t mean for all that to rhyme. Hoping for your heart to heal.

  2. Annell, I hear your heart here. It is hard to say good-bye or have the other say good-bye when you are not ready (will never be ready) Despite the darkest of mornings, time continues, as long as it does for us. But sadness will stay.

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