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We Write Poems #84 Window Faces

Window Faces

Faces at the window

Shadows on the wall

Not your’s or mine

But all the faces

Passing by

Each unique

Snows covers the ground

It is the winter of the year

The wind blows through

The evergreens on the hillside

Weapons explode

Still it is forever quiet

On the mesa

It is the “still life” of the year

All is waiting

Standing still


Soon all will begin again

Some will be here to see this

And some will not

Some will be stars

And some will be shadows

Some will be faces in the window

10 thoughts on “December 14, 2011 We Write Poems #84 Window Faces

  1. Wow, Annell. Just WOW. Yes, winter is the season of waiting. Waiting is often long for me, as is winter. So very true…some will see the rebirth, some will not.

  2. Whoa.

    I love how each line flows into the next, but yet demands a moment of pause to consider its unique, independent thought. I especially was caught by the last three lines:

    “Some will be stars
    And some will be shadows
    Some will be faces in the window”


  3. love this annell…i find the end a bit haunting some will be stars, some will be shadows and others faces inthe windows…of course it made me think of pictures of past relatives….

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