December 9, 2011 dVerse MOTHER…mother

dVerse — prompt: Writing about feelings.

The words echo
MOTHER… mother
Where are you

One foot before the other
I walk alone
You have trained me
Shown me the path

I fold the soft cloth
And tuck it into
The bottom of the bag
Where are you

It rains again today
In the winter of our lives
Tomorrow the sun will shine
I have gathered all
Your words of wisdom

The living of life
Keeps every one busy
No time to really say
Hello, goodbye
Or what is on your
Mind or heart

So now I wonder alone
Your voice silent
MOTHER… mother…
Where are you

14 thoughts on “December 9, 2011 dVerse MOTHER…mother

  1. So beautiful, Annell, as you walk through the emptyness of a world without your mother’s voice in it. However we both know her voice lives within you, and will always be there. Such a touching and poignant poem. Such a beautiful relationship you must have had. I especially love “in the winter of our lives…….I have gathered your words of wisdom.” Beautiful, my friend.

  2. Yes, it’s a hard place for the heart to understand, where they go. Thanks for showing us your love for your mother, and your emotions about it here…there’s no cure except time, but when the wound is fresh, it helps to write, I think. Best thoughts your way, annell.

  3. Annell, the loss of one’s mother is very sad. I don’t think, at any age, one is ready to lose Mom. Mom has been there through one’s whole life, after all. I remember my mother telling me, when SHE was in her 60’s, that she still MISSED her mom. I think we always do….and will. Your loss is still fresh. I am thinking of you in your grief, know the path…well.

  4. I lost my birth mother early, yet everyday remember the face of photographes…
    My brother’s mother was also mine, briefly…
    Then another mother came along, and a mother-in-law too
    One reason I write… to remember.

    Becoming a mother, then a grandmother… we grow into what we need to be at least I’d like to think so.

    Thanks, Annell

    • Baby You are so right.

      This is what I wanted to share with you.

      The night I was driving to Texas, I went to my motel room, I made the phone calls I needed to make, and curled up with my book, Still Life by A.S. Byatt… “it is only after the mind has cleared itself of the flow of daily preoccupation, planning, expectation–that the moment of a death can be known for what it is, and ones life mapped, prospectively and retrospectively, to that threshold.”

      I think the universe is always trying to be in touch with us. And I opened the book to this page and to this quote. It seemed amazing…

      And yes, we live our whole lives to be ready for that moment of death, our own or the deaths of our loved ones…

      Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

      • And what wonderful words to un-pack..and it seems somewhat know there will be a (natural) end..can only serve to make you try your best here and now..many hugs Jae x

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