Magpie #94
Waiting for Thoughts to Return
When first I saw the image
I thought again of that day
A thought began
Perhaps completion can be
Found today

The day was cold and grey
38 degrees the temperature
The mourners dressed in black
From polished shoes to gold tie tack

The air was filled with mist
As was each eye lash
Whispered words of sorrow
Rock of Ages Cleft for Me

All is ready in the church
The tree was trimmed in gold and silver
Footsteps echo in the hall

I have returned from a long journey
Though not so many days
Not so very far
Yet right to the very edge of
The far side of the world
It seems

I am left with impressions
Snow in fields as far as I can see
Geese in formation
Fly south
Snow dancing on the road
Obscuring the way

Black ice
Black night
Music softly sung
Mouth open beautifully formed
Red hair falls to the shoulders

Warm embrace
Yet all is empty
Echoes in the empty rooms

Time stands still
Waiting for time to begin again
Waiting for the next heart beat
Waiting for the next breath
Waiting for thoughts to return
The waiting stretches time eternal

Note: When I first saw the image I thought of the poem I began, thinking of the funeral for my Mother. Then when I transferred it, I realized that the people were seated differently and eating. And I thought perhaps a funeral is like that in a way. The mourners are comforted and filled with hope in a time of sadness?  And her funeral was at the noon hour of the day.

13 thoughts on “December 8, 2011 Magpie #94 Mother

  1. Chilling, beautiful and very nicely written. Sorry it’s such a sad memory that brings forth such lovely writing, my heart goes out to you for your loss and I thank you for your offering.

  2. I’ve lost two friends in the past several months, one too young – the other living a long life. I felt hopeless at the first service, hopeful at the second. Nice write, Annell.

  3. Perhaps the importance of ritual is an essential part of ‘carrying on’..there is so much beautiful imagery both comforting and raw..all so important..thinking of you..Jae

  4. Blessings to you, Annell. You helped me so much when someone so signficant in my life passed away. If there is anything you need, please be in touch with me directly. Meanwhile I am glad to see you return to writing. I truly believe writing is salvation. It is good that you were there with your mother; Knowing you, that is what you would do. Read over some of the words you wrote to me. May they give you comfort. Your journey is not easy, Annell. No grieving journeys are, but you will always be grateful that you were there with your mother, that you did not make excuses for being elsewhere at that time. Blessings, Annell.

  5. ((annell)) i know this is not an easy time. know you are in my thoughts and prayers…a very touching write…my wife lost her mom a few years ago and i had to give the funeral, def not an easy thing to put into words…

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