PAD Challenge Day 29

In the twilight

Of the morning bright

Clouds of lace

Snowy white

Float above

Heavens gate

Sounds of silence

While we wait

No trumpets

Loud horns blown

The path is set

A gentle way home

Nurse Mary

Says all is well

The patient is resting

Easy now

Eyes focused Far away

Still she lingers

One more day

Slowly, gently

She gives up control

Letting go

Letting be

No regrets

In the refrain

Just a closer

Walk with thee

6 thoughts on “PAD CHALLENGE Day 29 In the Twilight

  1. Annell, this is truly beautiful and profound. Yes, just a closer walk with thee…letting go. My blessings for you, and my thoughts are with you both.

  2. It is a lovely story and beautifully written but I must admit I found it very slow at times however it served its†purpose as I wanted to escape the world for a while and feel safe while doing so.

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