PAD Challenge Day 19 Color as Things

PAD Challenge Day 19 – prompt: Write a suspicious mind poem.

A dark place to enter

The message clearly written

And posted

Could be missed

In a language


There was a time

When color was

A devine alphate

When Van Gogh

Wrote letters in French

His color adjectives Rarely agreed with

The nouns they qualified

When read as “things”

They were more real

Then the things they qualified

PAD Challenge Day 17

PAD  Challenge Day 17- prompt: Write a poem that reveals something.

Revealing and Concealing

Sitting quietly upon the shelf

Bound up tight

Golden letters stamped

Upon your cover

Spanish leather

Browns in sixty different shades

Red as rich as time itself

Calling softly

Color of the blood

Secrets written in

Between every word

Printed neatly on the page

Bound by hand

Tell the story

Of a man

Birth to death

Catch it if you can

PAD Challenge Day 16

PAD Challenge Day 16 – prompt:  Once upon a _____________

Once Upon a Rolling Stone

On deck the captain

Spied the lighthouse bright

The sea a light brilliant blue

Yellow lemon-drop sky

Surrounds the sun

A big red blood shot eye

Balanced on the horizon

Far as the eye ca n see

We walked upon the shore

To picnic in the shade

Of one lone pine tree

Which welcomed us to dine

Beneath its branches full

Little boat black and white

The bow pointed out to sea

Tied to the shore

As I am tied to thee