PAD Challenge Day 15 – prompt: love poem.


Mid November Morning

Frost glistens on the sage

You hold me close

The warmth of your kiss

Lingers upon my lips

We spoke softly 

Words of love

Without passion

But deeply felt


We would be seperated

For a time unknown


The Rio Grand flows quietly

Within its’ banks

The walls of the canyon

Reach up to a clear blue sky


How to find this thing called love

Where is it

Like the pot of gold

At the end of the rainbow

Is it just out of reach


Do we declare

Ourselves to be seekers

On an eternal quest

Seek true love

Fly in unison

Become dark clouds

Scavenge the earth

Uncover hiding places

We are the heart’s

Lonely seekers


We don armor

For protection

Against weather

And disappointments





7 thoughts on “PAD Challenge Day 15

  1. Separation from what one loves is difficult, Annell, whether forever or temporarily. Yes, the quest for true love is an eternal quest. We search…and search again…and with good fortune we find…for a time.

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