PAD Challenge Day 14, prompt: death.

Footsteps silent
Suddenly you is here
All around

Frail, seriously ill
Announcing end of life

The path is worn deep
Over time many feet
Have walked this pathway

Our stay is brief
When all is said and done
Just a visit really
Not here for a long time
But instead a brief time

Mother dear
Ashes wet by tears
It is only right to grieve
A life well lived
To say good bye
One last time

Space left empty
By your leaving
Empty for all times
Cannot be filled by another

Magpie Tales


You stand among empty chairs
A young girl

That once you were

You stand looking back
Over your shoulder


Perhaps those
Who went before
Are seated in the chairs
Just out of the picture

The chairs
Also seem to be waiting
Waiting for us in our turn
A lovely metaphor
Reunited in death

17 thoughts on “November 14, 2011 PAD Challenge Day 14

  1. Perhaps those
    Who went before
    Are seated in the chairs
    Just out of the picture…and in return they’re waiting for us.. nice how you took this into this other world behind the stream annell

  2. A much more hopeful take than many here–I like the sense that somewhere there are some chairs with people using them. It alters the whole feel. Nice one, annell.

  3. Yes, I like the out-of-shot people on the chairs we cannot see. Interesting view of the prompt.

    (Annell . . would you check your Linky List link. It returns a “URL NOT FOUND” error, and I think the URL entered in the link has a hyphen between the two ‘annells’)

  4. i totally believe that your loved ones are watching and maybe waiting in chairs..keeps me on my toes you know!!! loved your magpie…xx

  5. love the chairs…love the imagery..and great chairs…I have not seen you around for awhile Ann…guess we are posting on diferent sites…but you have been busy…thanks for sharing

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