Pad Challenge Day 11- Prompt: Write a poem with numbers.


The Journey in Numbers

On the first day

I will prepare

Gather all I need

Two, one, three

Make a plan

Six, four, five


The second day

Will be for dreaming


On the third

I begin on the trail

Three, two, one

Enjoying each step

Five, four, six


On the fourth day

I will check my map


The fifth will find me

In a new place

One, one, two

All will glitter around me

Six, four, five


The sixth day

A list of all I see



The seventh

I will rest in tall grasses

Scatter the numbers before me

Put them in order

Give thanks

For the journey thus far

One, two, three

Four, five, six




6 thoughts on “Pad Challenge Day 11

  1. Your words are a reflection of the deep, rich colors that come alive in your abstract paintings. It is as if your still life series abstracts have acquired a voice. How magical!

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