Pad Challenge Day 12

Pad Challenge Day 12- prompt Excess



No it’s never enough

Make preparations

Work all day

New ideas

New explorations

If it doesn’t work

There is much to do

If it does

Still much to do

Some say it is excess

Still it isn’t enough

Pad Challenge Day 11

Pad Challenge Day 11- Prompt: Write a poem with numbers.


The Journey in Numbers

On the first day

I will prepare

Gather all I need

Two, one, three

Make a plan

Six, four, five


The second day

Will be for dreaming


On the third

I begin on the trail

Three, two, one

Enjoying each step

Five, four, six


On the fourth day

I will check my map


The fifth will find me

In a new place

One, one, two

All will glitter around me

Six, four, five


The sixth day

A list of all I see



The seventh

I will rest in tall grasses

Scatter the numbers before me

Put them in order

Give thanks

For the journey thus far

One, two, three

Four, five, six