November 10, 2011 Pad Challenge Day 10

Still Life

Pad Challenge Day 10.  Prompt , write a poem from a different prespective.

A Work of Art
I was created lovingly
By hand by the master
Whose family has done the same
Since the Edo period.

One day I was stacked and wrapped
And traveled many miles
Across oceans
And when the package was opened
I was in the desert

I was lovingly put away
The drawer closed
Alone in the dark
I wondered
What would become of me

Days later
The drawer opened
The light was very bright
A hand stroked across my face
I was then lifted
From my resting place

A work of art was created

Pad Challenge Day 9

Still Life

Pad Challenge Day 8. ┬áPrompt “Blank or Blank”

The Blank Page

What is this

What is that

All is empty

The page is blank

Waiting as the clock ticks

Waiting for your scratches

The mark that proves

You were here

If only for a little while

Pad Challenge Day 8

Pad Challenge Day 8. Prompt Normal poem.

The day is still dark
The moon is full
As he peaks into my window
His golden face smiles
On Election Day
The people spoke out
Against Fascism
This seems normal