Still Life #22/ 22" sq./ gouache on w/c paper

dVerse: prompt “Color”

Today I squeeze
The color from the tube
Into the pot
To mix with
Yesterday’s mixture

Upon observing
My work
At the end of the day

It was the green
That did not lay flat
Perhaps I did not mix enough

I begin again
My day is but a continuation
Of yesterday

It is still dark outside
The sun has not come up
To paint the world in colorful hues

All is quiet
Holding its’ breath
Waiting for me to get it right
Listening for the vibration
Of one color laid next to another

November PAD Challenge Day 6. Prompt: “addict Poem”

My Drug of Choice
It is a form of addiction
I cannot wait
For the new day to come

Before the sun rises
I awaken
Coffee and a bite of breakfast
My mind has already
Entered the studio
Waiting for the
Turn of the key

In darkness I enter
The work from the day before
Awaits me
Adjustments to be made
A statement complete
I bow to my addiction
I work to finish
I want to see
Make visible

To begin again
Each step carefully measured
The drug of my choice

15 thoughts on “November 6, 2011 dVerse/ PAD Challenge Day 6

  1. I love “listening for the vibration of one color laid next to another.” I love reading your poems of excitement about your deeply satisfying art projects. I can “see” you in your studio, feel the quiet, the pleasure……..lovely.

  2. also the details like …It was the green
    That did not lay flat… and i’m with sherry…i can see you in your studio and feel how much you enjoy…this poetics was right up your alley right..? smiles

  3. I love a few things about these two poems. From the first, I will take for myself the concept that today is a continuation of yesterday. I like it. No ending of the previous day…it goes on and one’s ‘work continues.’

    Annell, you seem so like me with your addiction. You may see that when you read my addiction poem. I truly could rise at 5 a.m. happily, drink my coffee, and spend all day with my ‘work.’ And sometime relatively soon my ‘work’ may include painting too. I hope. I work to finish too, to make something visible, most importantly to myself.

    1. Thank you Mary… sometimes 6, but often earlier… you will paint if you want, it all waits for you. I hit the computer first, write, and then paint. I try to squeeze in everything else, where I can. I forget all else… we cannot judge, until it is visible… to see it, to hear it, to make adjustments… both are languages, we are attempting to “speak.”

      Sometimes we try to tell the story, we have lost our way. We cry out. Everyone else seems to go on… and we want to say, can’t you see what is happening here? There was a time, at last, I just got tired of my sad poems… I stopped writing so much… Hopefully I’m not so sad now. Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

  4. Two lovely complementary poems, both of which strike close to my heart! Colour is such an important part of both our lives, and I too cannot wait to get started each morning.

  5. This is so good how you take the mixing of color and use it as a metaphor for how we live our days. Yes, we have an array of colorful choices to use each moment and we can make it what we want to. Loved it.

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