Sun Rise

Carry on Tuesday: Prompt Where are you?

Where Are You?
The words echo
In my brain
Before they are formed
In my mouth

You were my beacon
My anchor
You danced upon the waves
As they rush to the shore

I always kept you safely
In a place close
To my heart
I kiss you
Taste the salty water
Upon my lips

I stand at the water’s edge
The wind tears at my clothes
I call to you
The name as familiar
As my own
Echoes in my brain

PAD Challenge: prompt “Broken Poem”

In an instant
Fissures appear
The whole is no longer secure
The core is released

An emergency
A catastrophe
It happens every day
There is no place safe
From weather
Or matters of the heart

11 thoughts on “November 5, 2011 Carry on Tuesday

  1. Both of your poems give me the same message: One cannot ever keep another (or even oneselfl) safe. We may try, hope, sometimes think we succeed. But catastrophes happen every day to those who are not expecting them. Sometimes better not to know what is around the corner.

  2. Both poems are beautiful and full of the longings of the human heart……….Loved them, Annell. Glad your series is coming together. I admire how much work you accomplish, and your perseverence.

  3. The loss is like salt in a graze..still strong..still reminds me of a Sinead O’Connor song – ‘Stretched on your Grave’..maybe you would feel the sadness falling out of her lifts wishes to you soft and soothing..Jae

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