Friday October 7, 2011 A Stone


A Stone: One daily observation


Words are useless

It is autumn

The temperature has changed

I am up before the sun

In the dark I look for

My to-do list

It is long

I have much to do

Before I sleep

A door has opened

I am anxious to see

What is revealed

Monday October 3, 2011 Magpie Tales


Elephants with Wings
Elephants are like man
Often wish for
Many things including wings

Elephants with their long memories
Never forget important things
How to dance
The ones they love
Where is the water
To drink and splash

They are simple creatures
Simple lives
Mourn their dead
And dream of flying

They aren’t birds
But are secured to the ground
And like man
Will have to find their way
As their world changes around them