The road to town

A Stone: One daily observation/dVerse

Each day finds me at work in the studio

Playing with my colors

Some days I go to town

The road I take

Weaves between meadows

Down off the mesa

To the valley

Horses look up as I go by

Autumn is rich in color




 Falling one by one

Tomorrow will be snow

All will be transformed

White as far as you can see

My heart is warm

As I snuggle into my coat

For protection

Against winter’s threatened chill


11 thoughts on “Tuesday October 25, 2011 A Stone/ dVerse

  1. beautiful road to take…always sad to see the colors fading but winter has its magic as well…and as long as the heart is warm…smiles…beautiful annell
    (p.s. your link was leading nowhere – so fixed it and linked to this poem)

  2. You build the scene beautifully, annell. Every season has its comforts and its peace if we have that peace within ourselves.

  3. Beautiful photo and poem, Annell. The change of seasons can be difficult on some levels, but also exciting on others, depending on the road you travel. I wish you well,


    1. hummm…. I’m not sure on which levels you speak? There is always so much excitement with the change of seasons. Last night is snowed, the second time for this season… I will morn it’s melt today. It is such a beautiful transformation of the already heart breakingly beautiful landscape. Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

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