Taos Valley in Autumn Color

A Stone: One daily observation

A misunderstanding happened

Someone was being funny

The complete message

Was not sent

This can happen

On a Saturday


Sunday Whirl:  Wordle

The End Complete
A time of ending
A time of new beginning
Our own end-time
A minor miracle
So difficult to imagine
In this time of life
So much to do

A time will come
We will nod in acceptance
Our bodies will be rusted-out
Our eyes will be glazed over
We will be ragged from our years of life

We can no longer straighten
The years have rolled by
Many bridges have been crossed
The promise of the future
Has stretched before us

Now the road ahead seems cloudy
Not a blade of grass covers the roadside
We drag ourselves to the finish line
The crowds cheer
Our race is over

12 thoughts on “Saturday October 22, 2011 A Stone/ Sunday Whirl

  1. Hi Annell, the ‘stone’ poem reminds me of the many times I have sent an email without being finished with it. I hate when emails mysteriously do this, especially when I am still in the middle of editing it, deciding what to say.

    Your wordle is a good one. I have yet to look at the words. That will be one of the next things on my agenda. The message is a real one. Hate to think that we are closer to the finish line than the starting like, but life is life, and that is the way of it.

  2. Saturdays can be tricky beasts..you really made me smile in this first piece Annell..and the colours in the photo..added to the views in the wonderful books you sent..I see the yellow gorse now in the black and white plates..Jae x

  3. Annell, the colors in your photo are so lovely. The leaves are glorious here too right now – vibrant oranges and reds and yellows, just spectacular. I especially liked your second poem. I am walking through one of my client’s last weeks now. When one reaches that stage, it appears an acceptance arrives, as the body slowly makes its passage. One can only go with it. It is so sad about your friend.

    1. But Sherry, here is what happened, her son sent a “joke” but the image didn’t come through. Only the words, which indicated death. She isn’t dead yet, so it a “happy” after all. She has a little more time. Just a misunderstanding. Thanks for your comment!

      Hope you are feeling better.

      It is said, when someone shares their death, it is a gift. So we will wish them all Bon Voyage! Our turn will come soon enough, but today we have much to do. Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

      annell@taosnet.com http://www.annelllivingston.com http://www.somethingsithinkabout-annell-annell.blogspot.com https://annellannell.wordpress.com

  4. oy that first one happens far too often…we have to think when we send the message they still have to decode it on the other side with their own interpretation….rusting out…at first thought this is scary but on the toher hand it means i did not break down…

  5. Two very good pieces, Annell. I’ve sent messages (texts mostly, but the occasional email too) without having edited and spell checked first, and it can be a pain to sort out.

    Your second poem speaks to me; as I get older, I feel more sharply the rusting out of certain body parts, but it means I’m just that much closer to eternity. 🙂

  6. I’m glad to see you found a way to use the words and include a message of wisdom and experience. Your photos always intrigue me, and messages are so easily mangled. Hope you are doing well,


  7. Annell, this is a strong write. Thinking of the end times makes me sad. You’ve woven the words together beautifully here. Thank you for joining in, it’s nice to visit your place. 🙂

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