Morning Sparkles

A Stone: One daily observation

The sun sparkles

On the snow capped

Distant peaks

The week begins

With promise

All is perfect

Yet I am conflicted

With much to do

Will the words receive

My attention

Or further exploration

Of the image



The lost toy

The Little King

I have misplaced the

Little King

The toy that made you smile

They called you the king

And you were

With your quiet gentle ways

Lord of your realm

Spoke to fishes

Knew where they took tea

Comfortable in your skin

Life gave you abundance

You deserved more

Man of intergrety

King of your realm


Wordle #25

Ride in the New Car
The crumb of thought
That falls before me
Is of a time long ago
Got a new automobile
Admired by all
During the war
Had no back seat
(Which would come later)

That didn’t stop us from
Taking a rambunctious ride
We all got in
On quilts piled high
Even Grandmother
Tall and quiet
She left the garden just for a while
For a Ride in the new car

As we drove to the pond
Swallows gathered round
Dipped and dived
Swam through the air
Like dancers with pointed toes
And wings spread out
In the glittering ballroom
Honor your partner
Do Se Do

Fellow deer with broad antlers
Like hat racks
With many kinds of hats
And pale yellow coats
Came to see the shiny
Automobile pass by

This shiny new car
Car with an expiration date
Before you knew it
It would be obsolete
The bell would ring
But the memory of the ride
In the new car
Without a back seat
Remains fresh
Even after all those years

22 thoughts on “Monday October 10, 2011 A Stone/ Magpie #86 / Sunday Whirl

  1. Oh this took me back to a small Nash-Rambler my mom owned briefly, with a canvas roof – we FROZE in it in winter. No heat of course. I in the backseat, shivering. Loved your poems today, Annell.

  2. Both poems are well-crafted, but your take on The Little King was partiicularly evocative. Calling it a toy somehow struck a chord in me, and I was moved by its misplacement. Really. It was just right.

  3. Annell, some wonderful writes. The automobile has come a long way, hasn’t it? What is so new and shiny at one point becomes obsolete so quickly, doesn’t it? I always enjoy your perspective.

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