Elephants with Wings
Elephants are like man
Often wish for
Many things including wings

Elephants with their long memories
Never forget important things
How to dance
The ones they love
Where is the water
To drink and splash

They are simple creatures
Simple lives
Mourn their dead
And dream of flying

They aren’t birds
But are secured to the ground
And like man
Will have to find their way
As their world changes around them

19 thoughts on “Monday October 3, 2011 Magpie Tales

  1. My first encounter with an elephant was at the zoo and later at the circus in town. At the Big Top they were freely and happily walking or running gaily, Outside the Tent or at the zoo they were continually gnashing away at long stalks of sugar-cane, crushing them and munching . When not performing ( at both places) their legs were chained. You could see their eyes wet like shedding tears. If only they could fly!

  2. oh don’t you just want to weep for all the elephants
    who knows when they will all be gone
    loved reading this one Annell

  3. I love elephants, too, Annell. A beautiful read is Kim Echlin’s Elephant Winter, about a young woman who spends a winter in a big barn looking after elephants and who comes to understand their language. It will make you weep.

  4. i find elephants fascinating in their memories and family habits…they will have to make their way as we will though i think we each could learn a thing or two from the others…

  5. Elephants are wonderful creatures, and I think I’ll have to read the story mentioned above. We would all like wings at some point, I think. Wonderful write, Annell,


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