Thursday September 15, 2011 A Stone/ Theme Thursday

Grey Clouds with Bellies of Pink

A Stone: One Daily Observation

Grey clouds lined with pink

Promise rain


Theme Thursday: prompt memory

In memory

I recall your face

Your gentle ways

The kindness you showed in loving me

Gulls cry

Dive into salty sea

The sun shines bright

Hot upon the skin

Crabs in their lovely blue shells

Parade across the sandy bottom

The wind blows

Away the lazy afternoon

The moon rises

The beach glows

I whisper your name

In memory

I hear your answer

Tuesday September 13, 2011A Stone/ Poets United

Gentle Beginning of a New Day

A Stone: One Daily Observation

Again I was awaken in the middle

Of the night

The light from the window

Made me think it was morning

The transition from night to day

Was a tender one

No dramatics this morning


Poets United

To sleep peacefully

Is the challenge

When there is a party

Going on

The loud noise

The bright light

The whole county aglow

Give up

Get up

No good night’s sleep

When the full moon

Stalks the neighborhood


Magpie #82 The Revenant

The Revenant

Through the veil

You move toward me

Lost in smoke

Did you come to save me

Elmer Gantry, Jimmy and Tammy

Charlatans all

Words used to fool.

The desperate in this world

Too tender for the struggle

The world’s greatest con

The deceit of Rome

The Grand Mothers

Sleep peacefully

Haven’t roamed the halls

In ages


Sunday Scribblings #284  Sensation

New Places
The idea of a new place
Can be a little scary
Or can be an adventure

A new point of view
You will have to count
The pickets on the fence
You won’t be able to
Go from here to there
With your eyes closed
As in the old place

The new place will be filled with
New sights and sounds
You’ll run your tongue
Along the railing
Everything will be different
Leave behind the old
Embrace the new
A doorway
That opens tomorrow

Monday September 12, 2011 A Stone/ Carry on Tuesday

Full Moon (Image from the internet)

A Stone: One Daily Observation

The full moon was so bright

It waked me from a deep night’s sleep

It was so bright

I thought it was morning



Carry on Tuesday: prompt  “When I look into your eyes…”

When I Look Into Your Eyes
I see you
Looking back at me
I count the eyelashes
As they brush against my cheek
Eyes of blue
The color of the sky

On other days
Green the color of the sea
I imagine a black patch
A pirates’ costume
Ahoy Matie!
Roll those eyes
Across the floor

Its’ a game
Like marbles
The rules are written
On the whites of your eyes
A winner you say
Watch out for the cheaters
They play a different way

Now I see the pain
You keep disguised
Your eyes are like windows
Everything exposed
Hide and seek
Another game
You try to play
Just as I look to far horizons
I look into your eyes

Sunday September 11, 2011 A Stone/With Real Toads/ Sunday Whirl

The rising sun

A Stone: One daily observation


In the darkness

The sky above Taos Pueblo

Was beautiful

In the way of a whisper

My camera couldn’t catch it

Later when the sun had escaped

It’s nightly prison

The sky was a beautiful promise

The deepest feelings

Are found

In nature’s beauty

Perhaps it opens the heart

To the sorrow of this day



Sunday Whirl: Wordle

The Time is Now
Urgently shuffle
Through papers
Keep it simple
Build with dignity
One block at a time

The time is now
Urgently turn pockets
Wrong side out
Look for answers
Prepare for the jolt
That is to come

Boldly cut out
What is not needed
Scrape away the excess
Throw it into a roaring fire
We will pass this way only once
The time is now

Friday September 9, 2011 A Stone/dVerse Poets Pub/ Found Poetry Review

Beau in his bath

A Stone: One daily observation + one

For the first time in his life

He has fleas.

Perhaps it is global warming?

The sun rise woke me from my sleep

I raised my head

Grabbed my camera

I have many photos of the sun rise

But each one unique

And I am greedy

I hope I grab each moment of life

In just the same way

*In Taos, the sun rises above Taos Pueblo.  How magical is that?


Found Poetry Review: prompt 9-11


dVerse Poets Pub


At about this time
The victim wakes
She says
“Here is come the kingdom of heaven”
Romantic lovers spoke of love
in terms of

The witch’s chair
Seated with spikes
Heated from below

At first we feel nothing
Only the wetness
The red skin
The blisters
We are in pain
The pain is excruciating
We cannot escape
We cannot escape
It is everywhere
Our own voices screaming
We hear our own voices
There is nowhere we can hide
The pain is inescapable


Note*At about this time

The victim awakes scratching at a furious itch.(Deserts, Wayne Grady)

She says when we are come “Here is come the kingdom of heaven!”

(The singing creek where the willows grow,

The Rediscovered Diary of Opal Whiteley, Presented by

Benjamin Hoff.)

Romantic lovers fell tempestuously in love, indeed they spoke of love in terms of torrents and gushings and floods (A natural History of Love by Diane Ackerman)

There was the leg-screw or Spanish boot, much used in Germany and Scotland, which squeezed the calf and broke the shin-bone in pieces… and the “lift” which hoisted the arms friercely behind the back; ad there was the “ram” or “witch-chair,” a seat of spikes, heated from below…(Quote from H.R. Trevor-Roper, The European Witch-Craze)

At first we feel nothing, only the wetness.  The red Skin.  The blisters.  We are in pain. The pain is excruciating.  We cannot escape it.  We cannot escape. We hear our own voices, there is nowhere we can hide, the pain is inescapable, ….(from Woman and Nature by Susan Griffin)

*Note: 9-11 happened on a beautiful morning, people woke, some walked to work, it was a day like any other day, all the while they were thinking it was a good day to be alive… for many it turned out to be a good day to die…

Thursday September 8, 2011 A Stone/ Theme Thursday/ We Write Poems

The Sun is Released

A Stone: One Daily Observation

The sun is released

From its’ dark prison

To once again shine

To light the way

I come to the studio early



I often miss the first color of the day

Head down scribbling

But you are there faithfully


Theme Thursday: prompt communication


With brush in hand

Dripping paint

Like a dripping spring

A well of thought

Memories unwound

For you I paint

Bare my soul

With all the weaknesses

From which I am made



Do my best

It is placed before you

With hope you will see

All of me

My beating heart turned wrong side out

You will respond in kind


We Write Poems: prompt #71 B1


The self I am

Is my own invention

Who said I could be an artist

Who knows my name

And still each morning

Finds me at work

In the studio

I ask my own questions

I am what I wanted to be

A seeker

Combing the desert

For answers to questions

Still unknown

Wednesday September 7, 2010 A Stone/ Tuesday Tryouts

Morning Clouds

A Stone: One daily observation

Morning Clouds

My day begins early

At this hour I am the star

Of my own silent movie

There is a poem written

In the forms of the clouds

If only I can read it

Birds glide silently

With the mountains

I wait to see

Only the clouds know

What this day will be


Tuesday Tryouts: Poem on Things Meaningful to You

Things That are Meaningful to Me

My work

Something to eat

A warm bed to rest

Not much more is needed

Maybe a smile

Freely given


*Note: After reading the prompt,I went into my house.  For surely the things most meaningful must be there.  I looked around and yes there are things I love, collected over years, could not be replaced.  A few years ago, I lost everything that was meaningful to me.  It could be a natural disaster, or personal disaster.  I learned a lot.  When we lose everything, we do not die, maybe a little inside but we start over just a little lighter.  New beginnings are good.

Recently we experienced a robbery, some of my favorite things were taken.

It really doesn’t matter.

Tuesday September 6, 2011 A Stone

Sun Rise over the Santa de Christo Mountains

A Stone: One daily Observation

The sun rise promises another beautiful day in paradise.


The sky turns pink over the mesa



Barn in Ranch

Barn in Ranchos.  I often pass this barn when I go to Ranchos, just south of Taos, New Mexico.  I like it’s shape, reminds me of the shape of early New Mexico homes, long and low beneath a blue sky, with the Santa de Christo Mountains in the background.