A Stone: One Daily Observation

The Sun rose faithfully

Again this morning

Not I

For I slept

Just a little longer

I did not see the event

I know that it happened

Now the day is bright

And will be another

Beautiful day


The Red Shoes

dVerse Poets Pub

The Dream She Spun in Her Red Shoes

Touching tenderly
Igniting a dream
Conjured up by a little girl
Decked out in red shoes

She could tap, whirl
And clap
Dancing days away
To the rhythm in her head
Dreams in color
Blue and red

The smell of the studio
Wax and paint
She runs her hand across
The surface of fine handmade

No other place drew her
Shut the door
And work
She is still there
Humming to herself

Decked out in red shoes


Tuesday Tryouts: Ancestors

Women Dressed in White/ Image from The Daughters of the Dust

My Family
They came in the 1840s
From Ireland
Built a farm in Trinity County
Raised cotton
My Great Grandmother
Gave birth eleven times
And each lived to old age

There is a photo
Though I do not know where it is
Showing women dressed in long white dresses
A picnic under the trees
Life was thick and rich
In Trinity County

In my family
Where there were surely women
The family stories
Were handed down through the men
He did it
He said it
He discovered it
He built it
His family
His wife
His children
His horse
His cow
I wonder where were the women..

And what was their story

I asked my Great Aunt once
About my Great Grandmother
What do you remember
She said…
I remember her walking down the road in
Cedar Bayou
She was coming for a visit
She wore black and held a black umbrella

It’s not much
Doesn’t take up much room
But it is all I have
And I keep it folded in
Tissue paper in a trunk
A treasured memory
In my heart

9 thoughts on “Tuesday September 20, 2011 A Stone/ dVerse/ Tuesday Tryouts

  1. I LOVE this poem of remembrance – and the wonderful photo. All those women while He was out Doing, were home, keeping everyone fed and alive:) I love that glimpse, too, of her walking down the dusty road in a black dress, with a black umbrella. How I would love, like you, to hear her stories.

  2. Oh, Annell. I love the red shoes. And the playful image of being drawn by a studio! I have a girl who loves red shoes, humming, dancing and creating – who gets shut in her studio for hours. Great write. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. So true annell–and the memory poem goes perfectly with the red shoes idea–women’s voices mute, known for their fertility over their ability, and living often in a vacuum, yet enabling everyone around them with their work and care. Beautiful poem.

  4. red shoes have something magical…they stand for being brave and trying something new..and because of this i think they go so well with the second poem…Life was thick and rich…was my fav line here

  5. red shoes is beautiful annell…and speaks so much to the soul of the woman…i amglad you had another beautifulday today even if you missed the opening chapter…there is reasurance we dont have tobe there to lift it up…smiles.

  6. Yes, the poems do fit well together, anneal. The girl in the studio humming in red shoes; fragments of (female) memories folded inside tissue paper. How many trunks are there like that? Thank you.

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