Sunrise and Sunset

A Stone: One Daily Observation

Interpretation of the sunrise and sunset

Gouache on w/c paper



Mag #83

The Snake Charmer, 1907 Henri Rousseau

The Snake Charmer
In the Bayou Country
Life is lush
Snowy Egrets
Blue herons
And as many small creatures
As there stars in the sky
Bears and tigers
Oh my

The air is close
Hot and sticky
Be careful where
You step
A snake in the grass
Bears and tigers
Oh my

On moon lite nights
You may hear a melodic sound
Though you have never heard it before
In his pirogue

A boy playes his flute

Charms the snakes

Bears and tigers

Oh my

Magpie Tales

Note:  I took “Bears and tigers, Oh my” from the Wizard of Oz.

12 thoughts on “Monday September 19, 2011 A Stone/ Magpie Tales

  1. nice play on the line from oz….so many little creepy crawly wonders to partake in the woods….we should remember we are there to appreciate in stead of destroy…oh my

  2. Well done Magpie, Annell. I don’t think I wlll get to it this …but my kudos to you on YOUR fine poem! (I can’t think of much to say about a snake charmer. Sigh.)

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