Taos Mountain

A Stone: One Daily Observation + one

Taos Mountain

Edge of Taos Desert

Edge of Taos Desert

This is a book I think you will love


Sunday Scribblings: prompt #285 easy


The frog used to say

It ain’t easy to be green

I say

It ain’t easy to be seen

It ain’t easy when it don’t fit

It ain’t easy when everything is new

What’s easy

Is an old shoe

That fits comfortably

Thoes dang new ones

Always bite my toes

But in order

To get a different view

You sometimes have to agree

To be uncomfortable

And it ain’t easy


Sunday Whirl: Wordle
The Trials Begin
In dream
My muse
Walked the corridor
Thrusting the end
Of the red thread
Into my hand
An omen

All was reflected
In the mirror
Through opalescent veil
The image was strengthen
With blind finger tips
I read the message

With verve she spoke
Of what is raw
The yearning

I unfolded
The tiny square of paper
A sheep was standing
Waiting for a shepherd
And his dog

17 thoughts on “Sunday September 18, 2011 A Stone/Sunday Scribblings/ Sunday Whirl

  1. You can never truly appreciate a good fit until you’ve spent days in shoes that don’t (but of course, they are never just shoes)…Love love the second poem. Those waiting hopeful sheep (are we? perhaps, and perhaps at times the shepherd–or even the dog).
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks Laurie, I think I was thinking of those little toys, little “dogs black and white”, standing on magnets. A stiff little sheep, standing… waiting…The Trials Begin… where the man whistles and calls commands to the dog, and the sheep does what the dog tells him… Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

      annell@taosnet.com http://www.annelllivingston.com http://www.somethingsithinkabout-annell-annell.blogspot.com https://annellannell.wordpress.com

  2. will check the bookout…your poem onits not eassy is a delight to read…and i enjoy the wisdom in the end as well…sometimes we need to be challenged out of our comfortable shoes….

  3. A few strokes and an engaging tale of the muse. I like the red thread and that unfolding of the square of paper with the image.

  4. I like the ending with the sheep, the dog, and the shepherd, surprising and pleasant. I also like the idea of how the mirror reflects “all” but still through a “veil”.


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