Grey Clouds with Bellies of Pink

A Stone: One Daily Observation

Grey clouds lined with pink

Promise rain


Theme Thursday: prompt memory

In memory

I recall your face

Your gentle ways

The kindness you showed in loving me

Gulls cry

Dive into salty sea

The sun shines bright

Hot upon the skin

Crabs in their lovely blue shells

Parade across the sandy bottom

The wind blows

Away the lazy afternoon

The moon rises

The beach glows

I whisper your name

In memory

I hear your answer

4 thoughts on “Thursday September 15, 2011 A Stone/ Theme Thursday

  1. Oh this is SO LOVELY, both images and poem. I love the clouds with their bellies of pink. And the snow geese are the same as the ones in the new bowl I bought yesterday – so beautiful. I love the memories of love and kindness, the salty sea air………sigh. So nostalgic….and I most love “I hear your answer”.

  2. Wow, I love the words “In memory I hear your answer.” May we always hear answers in memory…..words that we want to hear. As always, powerful words…and beautiful photos.

  3. nice…love ll the textures to this piece annell…in memory i hear your answer as well..what a tender pen you write this in…like a gentle breeze

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