Gentle Beginning of a New Day

A Stone: One Daily Observation

Again I was awaken in the middle

Of the night

The light from the window

Made me think it was morning

The transition from night to day

Was a tender one

No dramatics this morning


Poets United

To sleep peacefully

Is the challenge

When there is a party

Going on

The loud noise

The bright light

The whole county aglow

Give up

Get up

No good night’s sleep

When the full moon

Stalks the neighborhood


Magpie #82 The Revenant

The Revenant

Through the veil

You move toward me

Lost in smoke

Did you come to save me

Elmer Gantry, Jimmy and Tammy

Charlatans all

Words used to fool.

The desperate in this world

Too tender for the struggle

The world’s greatest con

The deceit of Rome

The Grand Mothers

Sleep peacefully

Haven’t roamed the halls

In ages


Sunday Scribblings #284  Sensation

New Places
The idea of a new place
Can be a little scary
Or can be an adventure

A new point of view
You will have to count
The pickets on the fence
You won’t be able to
Go from here to there
With your eyes closed
As in the old place

The new place will be filled with
New sights and sounds
You’ll run your tongue
Along the railing
Everything will be different
Leave behind the old
Embrace the new
A doorway
That opens tomorrow

9 thoughts on “Tuesday September 13, 2011A Stone/ Poets United

  1. All good work here, Annell. No, I don’t think the revenant has come to save anyone. A person can only save himself/herself. I think of him as a more sinister, ominous force, but perhaps that is just my mood at the moment.

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