The rising sun

A Stone: One daily observation


In the darkness

The sky above Taos Pueblo

Was beautiful

In the way of a whisper

My camera couldn’t catch it

Later when the sun had escaped

It’s nightly prison

The sky was a beautiful promise

The deepest feelings

Are found

In nature’s beauty

Perhaps it opens the heart

To the sorrow of this day



Sunday Whirl: Wordle

The Time is Now
Urgently shuffle
Through papers
Keep it simple
Build with dignity
One block at a time

The time is now
Urgently turn pockets
Wrong side out
Look for answers
Prepare for the jolt
That is to come

Boldly cut out
What is not needed
Scrape away the excess
Throw it into a roaring fire
We will pass this way only once
The time is now

14 thoughts on “Sunday September 11, 2011 A Stone/With Real Toads/ Sunday Whirl

  1. Annell, I love them both. The stone is exquisite, I could see the sky. It felt good to read it. Both pieces brought focus to the present moment. Focus on rebuilding, focus on now. This was a wonderful stop on my morning. Thank you.

    1. Ok, this is what happened. Brenda sent out the wordle words early, I posted my piece, and it was on top of my 9-11 piece that I posted on dVerse. So people were missing it. I took it off, and then reposted today. “Got a mind like a steel trap!” Can’t get anything past you. Thanks for coming again… Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

  2. Cameras can’t catch whispers..I imagine them on your papers..being piled up and organised..edited..whittled..into an essence..a piece of something beautiful..Jae

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