First day of Autumn

A Stone: One daily observation

This morning is full of excitement!  The air is chilled, it seems the first day of autumn.

My favorite time of year, my favorite time of life.


Magpie Tales
Abandoned Farm

Magpie #81 Abandoned Farm

Abandoned Farm
Framed against the setting sun
The old farm house
Barn and out-buildings
Remains of the day
Lived in honest toil
In satisfaction
Close to the earth
A rhythm of seasons

Aunt Maggie and Uncle Fred
Owned the farm just outside of town
One day
They moved to town
They had earned the right

It was the winter of their lives

Uncle Fred
Bandy and bend
Aunt Maggie
With her strong arms
Gentle ways

The farm was abandoned

10 thoughts on “Monday September 5, 2011 Labor Day

  1. Love your stone… we have the clouded skies of autumn, but are expecting summer to linger around 100 today.

    Love the abondoned reflections of farm life. Passed down and beyond moments.

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