Rio Grand

A Stone: One daily observation.

In the bottom of the gorge, a riff, formed by the movement of the earth millions of years ago, lies the Rio Grand River, which carries water to the heart of New Mexico and on to the border and out to sea.


Sunday Scribblings: prompt Tomorrow

A destination
Which cannot be reached
Never seen
Things are often
Put off until

When will you come
When will I finish
When will I do the things
I do not want to do

All will be completed
So close
And yet so far away

8 thoughts on “Sunday September 4, 2011 A Stone, Sunday Scribblings

  1. Tomorrow sometimes feels as big as that hard and impossible to get to..but it always comes..even if we don’t reach it…I love these mixes of image and word..seems perfect for ‘words of a painter’..Jae x

  2. Wonderful ‘tomorrow’ poem, Annell. After I am finished here, I am going to make a stab at doing some of ‘tomorrow’s work, but then I know I will think of other things I need to do ‘tomorrow’ instead.

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