Thursday Think Tank, Poets United:#64  Sunflowers

End of Summer

Late August

Morphs into September

Sunflowers line the road ways and lanes

Who plants them

To come up each year

Bees gather round

Lick up their golden sweetness

Flower of the Sun

Foretells a winter

That is soon to appear


Theme Thursday: prompt Curious


Exactly what blue is the sky

How will the sun rise today

Quietly without fanfare

Or gloriously as if for the last time

Will there be a smile on your lips

As our eyes meet

What words will find their way

Upon the page as I write

What dreams will appear

When I close my eyes to sleep

I am curious like the cat

5 thoughts on “Friday September 2, 2011 Thursday Think Tank Poets United/ Theme Thursday

  1. Ah yes, late August does morph into September. Here we still have 90 degrees, but that is going to change today. I love summer, hate to face winter.. Your sunflower poem really captures the NOW…

    I loved all the things you are curious about, as I also think about what words will make their way to the page today. Well done, both poems, Annell.

  2. Loved both poems, Annell. Lovely seeing sunflowers alongside the roads…….I have a Crabby Sunflower, in a pot by my front steps. She does not like the pot. She wanted Real Earth. So she closed up her little faces, curled them inward and refused to open her blooms. I feel like a prison guard. I may have to liberate her. It will be my good deed for the day!

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