Making use of the hillside

A stone: One daily observation

Near my home there is a barn built into the hillside.

It is a compound of structures and corrals
Barns and corrals

I think that this compound was probably used for sheep.


Sunday Scribblings #282  Muse

The Muse

This week

I run behind

All the while

Trying to catch up

Night dreams linger

Into bright light of day

You come silently

I do not know you are present

You quietly plant the seed

Leave me wondering

How is this to be done

Today I hear your September song

The one you hum

Under your breath

Which you blow tenderly

Into my ear

I begin again…


We Write Poems: Prompt #69 Formulac 3 + (x) = poem

The prompt was from last week.  I’m a little behind.  Perhaps I will catch up?

She Sees Herself

Open and she turns

I am pure, running water

With bright dresses and bare feet

(He shows the man what he says is a more beautiful poem.)


Note*I have chosen a found poem.  The first line is taken from Mary Oliver, What do we Know, Heron Rises from the Dark, Summer Pond.

The second line is from Asse Lilleskare Faugstad, Footsteps in the Field, Running Water.

The third line is From Carla Funk, The Sewing Room (I opened the book, took a line and now I can’t find it?)

And the last line is from Susan Griffin, Woman and Nature (Again I opened the book took a line and now can’t find it?)

I like this way to create a found poem, to completely rely on a random process.

9 thoughts on “Thursday September 1, 2011A Stone /Sunday Scribblings/ We Write Poems #69

  1. smiles…like the end of the first poem…blowing on the ear and beginning again…intersting form on the second one…i like how you spun the found lines…

  2. I love found poems, this one is especially beautiful. But I also like the first one; it describes my week perfectly (playing catch-up), but you succeeded with your Muse blowing her “September song” into your ear so you begin again…

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