Saturday August 20, 2011 A Stone

Old Adobe Church Trampus NM

A Stone: One daily observation

Old Adobe Church Trampus NM

Sunday drive on the high road

South to Santa Fe

North to Taos

For centuries

People high in the mountains

Have shuffled along dusty roads

Bringing their prayers

To this church

Little bits of “holy belief”

Have fallen to the dirt floor

It is sacred ground

*Note:  I have returned to make some changes.  Changed “dirt” to “dusty” roads.  “Energy” to “prayers””fallen to the floor” to “fallen to the dirt floor”(as the floors of the early Spanish Churches were dirt or a mixture blood and lime)

Friday August 19, 2011 A Stone/ Carry on Tuesday #118


A Stone: One daily observation.

The morning is overcast

There is the promise of autumn in the air

Beau sniffs for the morning news


Carry on Tuesday # 118  A quote by Mahotma Gandhie

“An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

A world

In Washinton

Act like children

Some say it’s in the water

Destruction of a way of life

Will give them the votes they want

What is rightfully their own~ don’t give a damn

What is good for the country

Power is what they are after

They will use every trick

Lie, Cheat and Steal

To lay their heads

Upon the pillow

Thursday August 18, 2011 A Stone/ Theme Thursday/ Thursday Think Tank


A Stone: One daily observation.

Morning whispers greeting, remembers where I left off yesterday.  Invites me to begin again.

Note* I looked out my window the first thing this morning.  And thought, it changes so quickly, what is glorious will soon change.  I flew from my bed, grabbed the keys, went to studio, got the camera, and took this pic.  How grateful I am.  My heart is filled from the first moment I awakened.  This has to be a wonderful day.  And if you share this with me, it will be a wonderful day for you, too.


Theme Thursday

Prompt: Split


I fall forward

My thoughts split

And run on tiny feet

In every direction

Shape shifting along the way


Perhaps before the end of day

Time of split between light and dark

They will return

Become one

I will know them

Recognize their meaning

As they take their proper place

In the universe


Thursday Think Tank #61 She


Soft and warm

Missed and longed for

In cold places

Necessary at birth

Holds the hand of the dying

She is bedrock

Stands alone

Asks for kindness — little more

Howls at the moon




Still just a woman

Life is not worth

Living without her

Note* The words I speak are true.

August 17, 2011 A Stone

End of Summer

A Stone: One daily observation.

End of summer, a time of longing.


We write Poems:  prompt a moving poem.

End of Summer

In the morning

The feel of autumn

Summer fades

Promises to return

The early light

Caresses the mountains

Skin as tough as a turtle shell

Birds in gentle flight

End of summer a welcome relief

Goodbye to hot lazy afternoons

Breathless evenings

Time of waiting

Time of longing

Cool autumn air beckons

Afternoon needs a sweater

Evening demands a fire

Tuesday August 16, 2011 A Stone

Late Afternoon Taos Mountain
Late Afternoon/end of day
End of Day/End of Summer

A Stone; one daily observation.

With old friends we shared the view.  Words are not necessary.

Magpie Tales
Time to Paint

Time to Paint

Cover the old

The tired

The worn

A fresh coat of paint

Will do wonders




Anything is possible





Everything new

Everything fresh

A fresh coat of paint

Will do wonders

Sunday August 14, 2011 Sunday Scribbling

Sunday Scribbling prompt: Forward.


New Mexico Landscape



To go forward

So often imagined

Day into night

Night into day

A cycle

As we move on that circle

Is that going forward

Each day we are one day older

And by the end of the week

Which passes in a blink

We are seven days older

Is that also a way to going forward

When I think of going forwar

I think of a straight line

All the while I know

To go forward isn’t always straight

Maybe on step forward

And one step to the side

A zig zag approach

More often used when going forward

Thursday August 11, 2011 A Stone/ Recent Project / Theme Thursday

Beginning of a New Day

A Stone:  One daily observation.

The day begins quietly, doesn’t know what it wants to be.  Thunderstorm expected in the afternoon, until then it will be another hot day.


This is a very busy time for me, I have no time to “gather scattered words, to make sense of it all”.  It isn’t a transition time, but perhaps a time for completing projects.  All seems pressing right now, only wish I could get these things finished, so I could do what I want.  I started an investigation several months ago, and just haven’t had enough time to really get into it, so it calls to me.  Whispers my name, teases me and of course I want to respond.  What to search in this playground I have created.

Still Life

I am looking at still life, and asking the question.  “How much information is needed?”  And right now I cannot finish the question.  How much information is needed, for what?  To create an interesting painting?  For the viewer to still recognize the painting as “still life?”  I am a little bit lost right now, so you see how much I would like to stay with this, even if it is to finish my question.  What am I asking?


Theme Thursday prompt:  Tree


I’ve been looking

At trees all summer

I want to capture them

I want to keep them

I want to do a series

Of drawings of trees


Summer is almost gone

The series may be of “winter trees”



I continue to look at trees