Old Barn in Cerro, New Mexico

Last week I visited Barn Charm and fell in love.  I have always had a special feeling for barns.  But now, I don’t see them often, so they had faded from my mind.  But upon seeing this site, I decided I would began a collection of images of New Mexico barns.  I know I have seen them.  Now I will wake up, pay attention.  I found this barn in Cerro, New Mexico, it my first barn in my new collection.  I will not go to look for barns, a barn will be added only if by chance I find an unexpected barn on my path.

Old Barn in Cerro, New Mexico

He is a Grand Daddy Barn, still standing, past his prime.  He is but a skeleton of his former self.  His doors are gone.  It is as if he is sleeping, with his eyes open.

Old Barn in Cerro, New Mexico

He played an important role in this tiny town.  He stored hay and grain for the livestock.

Old Barn in Cerro, New Mexico

So much is missing from his frame, light streams into the interior space.  On rainy days all is soaked and snow drifts in on winter days.

Old Barn in Cerro, New Mexico

Like the old horse put out to pasture,your working days have passed.  You stand and watch as the world goes bye.  No one can say how long you will continue to stand.  And it seems with great effort, you stand nobel today.  As long as you stand, the past will be remembered by all who see you.



A Stone: One daily observation

Morning Light

Even after the darkest night, the morning light promises a new day, a new beginning.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday August 31, 2011 A Stone/New Mexico Barns

  1. What beautiful landscape, I love the weathered barn, the history, the light streaming through. And LOVE your stone and photo of morning light. Sigh. You started off my morning so wonderfully, Annell. I would so love to wander in that landscape. Full of spirits, I am sure.

  2. How wonderful! Such a beautiful old barn & I love the angled wood. I read your comment earlier & added your post to the link up, but was just now able to swing by & comment!

    Thank you so much for joining in & linking up to this week’s Barn Charm… hope to see you back real soon! =)))

  3. Awesome pics. That’s my grandfathers barn. Built over 100 years ago. Sad to see it in this shape. It was once a beautiful functioning barn back in the days.

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