End of Summer

A Stone: One daily observation

End of Summer

Time to say goodbye

To lazy hot days

Time to take inventory

To look across the horizon

To see where you are

To understand where you want to go

Is it a place, an accomplishment

Something you want to do

To pick a destination

To put a pin in the map

To dream a dream

To count the harvest

Of course we cannot plan for every

Unexpected happening along the way

But a good time

To prepare for winter

To check the stores

To chop the wood

4 thoughts on “Wednesday August 24, 2011 A Stone

  1. Simple, straightforward, and full of the rhythm of nature and life. Esp like the ending–such order and finality brought to the tumult of summer, the scarcity and closing in of winter.

  2. Oh…this brought back memories from childhood for me…headed to grandfathers with truck and saws to bring home the heat for the winter. Loved it!

  3. Sad to think about saying good-bye to summer. Summer is my favorite season of the year. But yes, it is important to think of where one wants to go and to dream a dream, a dream that can be fulfilled in winter (I think) as if one only thinks about summers…there are many wasted winter days. Nice ‘stone,’ Annell.

  4. A nice flow from the days of warmth to prepare for the cold. Your poem has that easy flow that makes me appreciate more as it is easily understood. Beautiful piece!

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