Early Morning

A Stone: One daily observation.

Early Morning

From the studio

A pink light washed in gold

A gentle rain awakens the morning sleeper.

*Note: I glanced to the left and saw the colors of pink and gold announcing the new day.  Grabbed my camera and captured the colors through the studio window.  If you look closely, there are rain drops on the glass.


Sunday Whirl:  Wordle #18  http://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com/

#18 Wordle


Texture on the mind of the painter

Color is always my first thought

The first element of my concern

Spinning to the full spectrum

I slouch back

Screw up by face

Survey the work

In the well lighted studio

The surface is cleansed

Of any rough texture

Like granite or other stone

The paint is as smooth as a second skin

Like the skin found on my Grandmother’s arm

Just above the elbow

Perhaps in the revolution

I will leave color behind

With desperation

I will seek texture

Among the ash and ruin

Nothing will be wasted

Hair and bone

Marble dust and gel

All the tricks to accomplish cracks

Even the cheap ones

*Note:  I have been thinking of writing about texture as it appears in my work for dVerse.  I will post this write to dVerse, too.


23 thoughts on “Sunday August 21, 2011 A Stone/ A Sunday Whirl/ dVerse

  1. Oh, I see the raindrops! They are like the “perfect flaw” in a Chinese painting–making the photograph more immediate and real. What a gorgeous view to wake to!

  2. You are quite the early morning photographer, Annell. And yes, I do see the raindrops on the glass, which only enhance the ‘realness’ of the photo.

  3. hair and bone marble and…nice…perhaps the reviloution will be here soon enough…the grammas skin is a nice gentle touch…paint it however you live annell…i enjoy it…smiles.

  4. so great to hear the painter in you speak annell…esp. loved the smooth as a second skin

    like the one found on my Grandmother’s arm…this is so warm and full of life…thank you

  5. So wonderful… I especially like:

    “The paint is as smooth as a second skin

    Like the skin found on my Grandmother’s arm”

  6. Among the ash and ruin
    Nothing will be wasted
    Hair and bone
    Marble dust and gel

    As a painter I particularly enjoyed those lines and thought that was NM (I’ve lived there off and on and have family there). Thanks.

  7. I saw the first raindrop and thought it was the last star still in the sky. The photo is incredibly beautiful Annell, and every one you take makes me want to get up and get there to see them. And I too am glad to hear the voice of the painter. The poem is chuck full of the emotions of creativity in the the painter’s singular jargon. Love it,


  8. I am amazed how you were able to blend texture and the words offered by the wordle so skilfully. Both color and texture are my two favorites. Thanks for joining this to the prompt at dVerse. Victoria

  9. Beautiful photo, Annell; the raindrops add a sense of foreground perspective we wouldn’t have otherwise.

    The poem is wonderful too; almost makes me want to try my hand at painting again. 🙂

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