A Stone: One daily observation.

The morning is overcast

There is the promise of autumn in the air

Beau sniffs for the morning news


Carry on Tuesday # 118  A quote by Mahotma Gandhie

“An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

A world

In Washinton

Act like children

Some say it’s in the water

Destruction of a way of life

Will give them the votes they want

What is rightfully their own~ don’t give a damn

What is good for the country

Power is what they are after

They will use every trick

Lie, Cheat and Steal

To lay their heads

Upon the pillow

11 thoughts on “Friday August 19, 2011 A Stone/ Carry on Tuesday #118

  1. hey annell – i like this a lot – you wasted no words but penned your thoughts in a clean way and nice structure…just one suggestion for the first line – it may hit even more then..

    A world

    Deaf, Dumb and Blind

  2. Loved the daily observation. I write a daily Delight of the Day, it’s a good way to express gratitude.

    4th line you wrote ‘its”, I’m not sure if you meant it’s. A teeny weeny pick there. I don’t think the repetition of dashes add anything and the repitition of ‘don’t give a damn’ slight over eggs the point. Same with ‘they’ and ‘their’ which is a tad ambiguous. Other words to indicate what they represent might have brough more accessible images to the poem.

    To be honest, I really enjoyed your other poems, below and have commented on them. This one is a bit too political and more of a statement than an expression.

    I do like the shape of it, like an hourglass. You have real talent, and this one shows another side to you.


  3. Great and pointed writing, Annell. I can hardly bar to watch all the posturing of the Talking Heads – all about power, not about people and the earth at all. Sigh. I love the photo of Beau sniffing the morning. My sister’s horse is named Beau, too. Lori and Beau are off for a four-day horseback campout, all girls. They will have so much fun!!!! I’m on doggy patrol at home and glad to be here.

  4. So disheartening to watch the antics of those in Washington D. C. So few real patriots there. So many people unwilling to compromis at ALL.

    1. Thanks for your comment. You are right about the date, my fingers have a mind of their own, or it is because I was wishing for cooler weather. I think you are right it is a rant. Sometimes I can’t hold myself back. Always a question when writing about politics, is it art?

  5. woo…way to blow it up in the scond one annell how true and a hard true fo the disconnect between washington and the people…like the first one too, its cute…

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