Night time sky

A Stone: One Daily Observation

It is the cycle we live with, day into night, and night into day.




Summer Evening 1947, Edward Hopper


Summer Nights

It seems in memory

Everyone was out then

Playing in the fog

Of the mosquito truck

Catching fireflies

Playing hide and seek

Skin all hot and sweaty

Play clothes stuck to

Bodies like second skin

There were lots of children in our neightborhood

Always someone to play with

The sky was full of stars

Not so many electric lights

Homes were open

Windows and doors

Hi!  Come on in

People sitting on the front porch

It was a different time for sure

Today to out at night

Is to go alone

Every house shut up tight

Doors locked

Porch light turned off

Windows closed

A tiny light flickers inside

Family round the TV

Alone is what we are

Hopper knew this

It’s what he paints about









22 thoughts on “Monday August 8th A Stone/ Magpie Tales

  1. i miss those days…you bring them to life again in your words…i wish we had a neighborhoos and a world where my boys could play all day outside with friends and not worry…i miss those days…

  2. Stunning photo and I agree with your stone of observation, but must wonder why we struggle so hard to accept that all things have an ending.


  3. Ah, Annell, the beautiful view of evening in your photo and words was so lovely. And you REALLY took me back with your memories of summer evenings. Last night, I was walking Jas, and was feeling some of the same things. Wondering why summer evenings feel so different now, than they did then. I loved this trip back, remembering those days. I remember swinging back and forth on my grandma’s gate while the big trucks went by spraying DDT to keep down the mosquitoes. Yikes!!!!!!

  4. Love that sky! Oh my so awesome
    I also loved your poem it took me back too… to a quieter time
    slower times of family evenings
    never got sprayed though…just bitten up
    but that was summer evening too
    Just a wonderful poem

  5. Yes, it was a different time then. So different now. We used to spend lots of summer evenings sitting on our front porch. The picture gave ME a gasp of nostalgia and a feeling of ‘those were the good old days which will never be again.’ I liked your Mag write!

  6. Yes, Annell. You have definitely characterized well the differences between ‘yesterday’ and ‘today.’ Your poem causes me to reflect…and think!

  7. There seem to be very few places available for leaving a comment? I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the last photograph of yours on Sunday’s post, but blowed if I could find where to leave it!
    I’d love your permission to copy the picture, and perhaps paint something of my own using it as inspiration?

  8. ah yes – remember those summer days – summer evenings and we wish we could’ve spent the whole night outside…you capture these days so very vividly annell…i like

  9. You really captured a slice of life here. I was born in 1947, but it was like this in the 50’s when I grew up. Some times I find myself longing for the simple, uncomplicated life without all this technology….but I would have withdrawals without my computer….

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