A Handful of Stones

Clouds over desert landscape


Evening Sky Taos New Mexico


Geometric Blue in the Sky


Late Afternoon Clouds


Color begins to Develop


Sun sets in the West


The Western Sky is awash in Gold


And So Good Night

We See Life in the Sky

It is late afternoon

The child asks

What is life really like?

The Grandmother answers

Look at the sky

And how it is always changing

Each moment of your life

Will be different

Not one better than another

Just different

Always changing

In each moment

Prepare for change

We can not to hold on

To any moment

Only appreciate the moment

For we are changing too

8 thoughts on “Friday August 5, 2011 A Handful of Stones

  1. nice…the change is constant..a guarantee…to me that is refreshing…although there are some moments i would not mind sticking around…have a lovely saturday!

  2. I have been looking up and taking pictures of the clouds as well. And thanks to your poem, now understand why. This one is definitely a keeper, Annell. And the photos are gorgeous.


  3. cloud stones..soft and pliable..always ready for change..i imagine them holding hands on their hike..a day the little one will remember forever..your site looks fantastic Annell..jae

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