Monday July 18, 2011 River of Stones/Sunday Whirl / Magpie Tales

River of Stones
Moon and Star

In the dark night time sky, only one star observed.


Sunday Whirl

Emerald Green Eyes

Look out upon devine illusion

An ominous sight

Which becomes rhythm

Beyond the bones of time

Celestial beings rocket

Across the star studded sky

Jostle for position

From which to shine

The balcony

An observation deck

Open the flap

A pantomime in the void

A black hole

Without the visions seen by

The emerald green eyes

Image from Magpie Tales #74

Magpie Tales #74


I have no idea

What I look at

What I see

Is it your dark heart revealed

Is it a mask with many eyes to see

Or the face of your dark soul

Fear fills my pail

It frightens me

I will not follow

The path through

The dark and lonely wood

I take the long way home

Sunday July 19, 2011 Dversepoets/Sunday Scribblings / River of Stones

Dverse PoetsGot no rhyme today

No verse at all

But look forward to the 19th

The number of my own day

It is a sign

A signal I should stay

What a mess its’ true

But your’ve got it

Just the way you like

The 19th just two days away

Sunday Scribblings  prompt captive

Image of Magic

You have cast your glamour

Over me

Thrown the sparkling net

Each time you smile at me

You captivate me

Under your breath

You murmur your magic chant

Play your song

I slither to you

You use your special charm

To enchant

Is it magic black as night

Or magic pure and white

River of Stones

Taos Sunset Illuminating the Smoke from the Mountain Fires

Unexpected beauty in destruction.

Saturday July 16, 2011 Carry on Tuesday/ River of Stones

"Borrow a Cup of Sugar"

Carry on Tuesday  prompt #114  “Neither a borrower now a leander be”

Borrow a Cup of Sugar

I have what I need

Rather than to borrow what you have

I need to be aware of my own

Use it wisely

But if I am reduced to need

What is your’s

I will repay it quickly

Before the next sun rises


River of Stones





This first breath of this morning’s air was cool from the mountain.  The air was clear, unlike yesterday which was full of smoke.  I am grateful to be.

Taos Mountain

Friday July 15, 2011River of Stones/ Theme Thursday /Poets United

River of Stones

My world is richer, because I saw my new neighbor, the fox who has come to live in my neighborhood.  I was warned to watch out for my cat.

Theme Thursday prompt: Square

The Black Square Malovich

The Square

Strong and complete

This painting

Creates a space for you

For your thoughts

Does not tell you what

To think

Is this the place in history

When painting was

Declared dead?

Is there any reason for

Another painting

And yet…

One is not enough

Regardless of its’ beauty

For there is beauty

In every other color

In every other value

In every other shade

In every other form

There will never be enough

Of what is beautiful

Timeless Loneliness

Poets United prompt #57 Loneliness


Something missing

Something lost

Something longed for

A heart is broken

Time stretches

Like rubber

An endless space is created

Sadness fills the air

Alone = all one

A gift

A time for me

To be just me

To give myself

Just what I need